How To Start Teaching English Online With No College Degree


English  (or any subject, for that matter) online can be fun fun, pleasurable, rewarding and self-fulfilling. One can easily earn more than $2000 per month teaching English online, right in the comfort in his or her own home. I, Herley Taylor, the owner and creator of Real TEFL Academy, have been doing so for about a year now. February 2018 (this month) makes one year for me.

If you are reading this is blog post, then you are probably looking for a reliable way to earn a livable income online and you want to get paid well. Like starting out at least fifteen dollars per hour ($15/hour) and like the title says, “with no college degree.’ While you’re at it, go ahead and add in a slice of no experience, please because I had that as well. Do you have a criminal record? Read on…. this is you for you too.

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Teaching English as a Foreign Language can positively change your life forever. If you do it online, you will feel like you are living in a fairy tale world.

If you are ready to start,

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let’s get certified!



VipKid Demo Lesson Video: Level Two (2)

VipKid Demo Lesson: Level Two (2) Upgrade:

Hello future online English teachers (possibly with VipKid).      🙂

Here is a recorded video of me pretending to teach a five-year-old child some basic elementary English.  VipKid is a very popular online English platform for young children based in China. This particular company is based in the capital city of Beijing, and is, therefore, within reach to tens of millions of students within its city limits.


Teaching English online to ESL students is so much fun and you can easily earn much more money doing this type of work than one normally does doing just about any other non-specialized job in the market; this is a excellent way to earn a full-time income from home!

Once you become certified you are going to need to


Would you like to practice with me?  I can help you become so comfortable and confident in yourself with these online interviews that doing them will eventually become become an just hobby. Sometimes, you’ll apply to these high-paying online teaching just to prove to yourself that you can get any job and that your more that capable; it’s quite addicting!