Tuition: FREE!

So, you’re ready to change your life and become internationally certified to teach English. That is great! And here is even greater news:

The tuition cost for our 150 hour TEFL/TESOL Master course is only $0!

Why does the 150-Hour Mater TEFL course cost nothing? The founder of Real TEFL Academy (RTA), Herley Taylor, wants to make the profession of teaching English more attractive and accessible to EVERYONE who would like to teach. That includes people of ALL races, colors, criminal backgrounds, and ages. This opportunity is especially desirable to those who have no college degree or credentials!

Before RTA came into inception most economically disadvantaged people would have never considered becoming an English teacher because they understand that money and education requirements would prove to be a cumbersome obstacle.

Now with Real TEFL Academy’s online 150-Hour Master TEFL/TESOL Course, anyone can become an English teacher in his/her own right, and do so for free. Going this route allows those who desire to to do so to completely bypass the formal education system and its costly and often bureaucratic process.

It usually takes at least 4-5 years to get a state-endorsed teaching license in the U.S.A. But it takes only about 1-2 weeks to get one’s very own international TEFL teaching certificate, and the education is free! And what’s so great about it all is the fact that most of these online English-teaching companies start almost all of their independent contractors, also called, ‘teachers,’ at least $15 an hour TO START!