What is TEFL?


Welcome to Real TEFL Academy’s breakdown page of what this amazing and rewarding career that allows you to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is all about.

As most people know, English is one of the most commonly spoken languages on planet Earth; it is only second only to Chinese due to China’s massive population size. English is also considered to be the standard international language of commerce, trade and communications. For this reason, as well as many others, English reading, speaking and writing skills have been in strong demand for many years and it will only become even more in demand as the the world continues to become more of a global community and people’s desires to learn another language increases.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFLing) allows you to teach English to non-native English-learners, even if you do not have a college degree! I, Herley Taylor, the CEO and President of Real TEFL Academy, started working as an online TEFL English teacher in February of 2017 and I have NO COLLEGE DEGREE.  Most Chinese companies only care to see that you have obtained an international TEFL certificate.

This career will change your life forever and you will never look back. With a TEFL certificate, companies OUTSIDE the U.S.A. will view you as competent and valuable and will want you to teach their students. Remember that their company cannot make money without people like you.

Jo-Bai-3-teachers TEFLing is a great way to earn at least $15 per hour and higher while teaching from your desk, or bed! I do both. It just depends of how I am feeling during that particular moment.


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